What To Do After A Car Accident in Bridgeport, Connecticut

While we take every precaution, there is always the potential that an irresponsible driver can cause an accident that might have catastrophic consequences for us.


The deadly consequences of reckless driving are illustrated by statistics from the Connecticut Accident Data Repository (a web-based program that records accident data from the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety). The number of people killed in car accidents in Connecticut rose by a shocking 19.29% in 2020. There were a total of 303 people killed in traffic accidents in 2020, up from 254 in 2019 and 297 in 2018.


Everyone involved in a car collision may experience shock and disorientation. Victims of automobile collisions must be aware of what to do immediately following an accident and what to anticipate in the days and weeks that follow. The steps you take in the days after a car accident can have a significant impact on your health and on your capacity to get compensated for your losses.


Get legal counsel from a car accident lawyer in Bridgeport without delay if you or a loved one has been hurt in a collision.

What Should You Do Immediately After an Accident?

What you do in the immediate aftermath of a car crash might have a significant impact on the outcome of a personal injury claim you could file in Bridgeport. Therefore, here’s what our team of expert automobile accident attorneys advises:


  • Do not leave the scene of the collision and instead contact 911 using your mobile device. If you are a victim of a car accident and you leave the scene, your claim may be impacted. Then you should hold off until the emergency personnel comes.
  • The first thing you should do after an accident is to make sure no one was hurt. If your injuries are severe, you may be unable to complete this task. Avoid making any sudden movements and stay still until assistance arrives.
  • Be checked out by a doctor about your wounds, and follow his or her recommendations for recovery.
  • Gather information at the scene of the incident. Take pictures of the cars and any injuries, film any collisions if possible, and collect witness accounts and contact details.
  • Get in touch with a seasoned lawyer for counsel on how to pursue monetary recompense.

After being in a car accident, what are my options for receiving compensation?

When filing claims for compensation, victims of personal injuries have two different choices accessible to them. They have the option of filing a claim with their insurance company or a lawsuit for personal injury. The insurance claim will be filed against the insurer of the liable party. The personal injury case is now being heard in a legal forum. In either scenario, it would be beneficial for you to engage with an expert lawyer to maximize the amount of compensation you get.


Because insurance companies have legal teams that will not take it easy on you, you really need to choose an attorney that has a wealth of expertise. They will do everything in their power to get your claim dismissed or to make you an inadequate settlement offer. Hence, you should collaborate with a law firm that specializes in the field of personal injury law.


You can anticipate receiving the following compensation in the event that your claim or case is successful.

Economic Damages

It compensates for the losses that may be calculated as a result of the accident. This covers things like out-of-pocket costs, medical bills, missed salaries, property damage, and car repairs, among other things. Assuming you have the receipts for all of the transactions, it won’t be hard to establish that you suffered economic losses.


It compensates for “intangible damages,” which are defined as losses resulting from the accident that does not have a predetermined monetary value. Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages are hard to assess. Yet, personal injury attorneys have a method that they use to arrive at a figure. This sort of compensation takes into account mental misery, physical pain and suffering, as well as other forms of emotional distress.


Punitive damages, in contrast to economic and non-economic losses, do not serve any compensating purpose. Instead, it punishes the motorist who was at fault for the accident and the injuries that were sustained by the victim. However, in order for the injured party to be eligible for the award, the party at blame must have acted with extreme negligence. It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies never award punitive damages; only the courts may do that. So, you will require the assistance of a trial lawyer who has prior expertise.

Is Bridgeport an At-Fault Car Insurance Jurisdiction, Just Like the Rest of Connecticut?

When it comes to car crashes, having a clear idea of what state has jurisdiction over who is at blame is crucial. What this implies is that a victim of a car crash who sustains injuries need not first use up their own insurance benefits before filing a claim with the insurance carrier of the individual who caused the crash. Nonetheless, vehicle owners in Connecticut must have at least the following levels of insurance coverage, as mandated by state law:


  • If an accident leaves one person hurt, that person’s medical bills won’t exceed $25,000.
  • Any injuries in an accident up to $50,000 in total body damage. If three people are hurt in an accident, the total amount paid out would be $50,000, but no one would receive more than $25,000.
  • In the event of an accident, damages to property are capped at $25,000.
  • Someone with low insurance might not be able to pay for a victim’s medical bills and lost wages after a serious automobile accident. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage might come in handy here for additional medical bills or lost wages.

How Long Is Litigation Permitted Under Connecticut Law?

A victim should begin preparing a claim as soon as possible after an accident. Anybody who waits longer than two years after their accident to begin pursuing compensation through a lawsuit may be unable to collect anything at all since the statutory filing date for most personal injury claims is set at two years under Connecticut state law. Talking to an experienced attorney as soon as possible following a vehicle accident is recommended because of the tight filing deadlines that apply to some types of claims, such as those made against government bodies.


Find a Car Accident Lawyer in Bridgeport Today

You have allies in troubling situations like these, so you need not go at it alone. The best legal teams are prepared to represent you in any dispute with your insurance provider. Talk to a car accident lawyer today and put this difficult matter in the hands of professionals.

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