What To Do After A Car Accident in Charlotte, North Carolina

How frequent are automobile accidents in Charlotte, NC?

In the most up-to-date data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), we find some very concerning trends. In 2020, there were almost 247,214 recorded car accidents in the state alone. Factoring in these occurrences, 1,658 lives were lost, and a total of 105,382 persons were treated for injuries.

In Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, there were 35,341 accidents involving motor vehicles. The results from these occurrences are the following:

  • As many as 125 individuals were killed.
  • It is estimated that 15,122 individuals were hurt.

Drunk drivers were involved in 821 accidents, resulting in 53 deaths and 768 injuries. Both drunk driving and driving too fast for conditions are major contributors to road deaths.

Auto accidents are quite common, and they usually result in serious injuries. If you or a loved one has been gravely wounded in an accident in the Charlotte region, please do not hesitate to call the skilled legal team at Hunt & Associates.

Can you tell me about the many auto accident lawsuits your business has settled?

When you need help with an accident claim, call Hunt & Associates. We handle:

          Alcohol-related crashes

     Unfortunate incidents in the construction zone

     Traffic collisions caused by distracted drivers

     Crimes involving hit-and-run drivers

     Traffic collisions that end in death

     Bicycle-related mishaps

     Malicious attacks against pedestrians

     Incidents involving Uber and Lyft

     Mishaps involving taxis and limousines

     Accidents caused by faulty roads

 Accidents involving ATVs and other off-road vehicles are another specialty of our legal team’s lawyers.

 Our Charlotte automobile accident attorneys know that each client’s personal injury claim is different, therefore we provide each client with the individualized attention they need.

Accidents at crossroads

Accidents at intersections often happen in high-traffic urban and suburban settings. Collisions at intersections can be caused by a number of factors, including pedestrians, drivers who are distracted or driving too fast, vehicles who fail to signal turns, inadequate signage, and roadways that are difficult to navigate. Car accidents like this may lead to huge medical costs, time away from work, and other financial hardships.

Common factors that lead to accidents at intersections include:

  • Running a stop sign or red light prohibition
  • Turning right or left without checking to see if the junction is clear
  • Inattention to stop signs and other traffic lights

Automobile collisions in parking lots

Whether you’re in a mall, an office complex, or a movie theater, chances are you’ll see automobiles parked on both sides of a number of different lanes. Parking lots typically have “through lanes” at their periphery, allowing drivers to enter and leave the parking lot without having to back up.


It is customary for cars already in the “through lane” to have the right of way, and drivers entering the “through lane” from the parking lot should give way to those already in the “through lane.” A motorist who is exiting a “through lane” without yielding is almost certainly at blame if he or she collides with a vehicle that is still in the “through lane.”


Cars leaving their parking spots in reverse are a common cause of collisions in parking lots. When one car hits another or a pedestrian while the driver in reverse pulls out of a parking spot, the driver in reverse is almost always to blame. However, determining fault in an accident involving two vehicles that were backing out of parking spaces on opposing sides of the road might be trickier. In such a circumstance, it is equally the obligation of both drivers to be mindful of their immediate surroundings. It is common practice in parking lots to give the right of way to the car that begins backing out first. That being stated, a car moving forward in the parking lane gets priority over a reversing vehicle.


Vehicle property damage is a regular result of parking lot collisions. Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians can result in serious injuries.

In the event of a parking lot collision, it is essential that all drivers engaged communicate with each other and the other parties involved. The names, addresses, and insurance information for all drivers are included.


If there are injuries or significant property damage, notify the police and emergency services.

To document any injuries or property damage, anybody engaged should utilize a smartphone or other photographic device.

Animal and deer-related collisions

Locals in the Charlotte region know all too well the frequency with which vehicles collide with deer and other animals. It’s not uncommon for car accidents involving deer to spike in frequency between the months of October through December, the peak of deer season. More and more deer are being seen on suburban streets and roads as a result of the population’s increased mobility. In 2021, North Carolina had the fourth highest rate of claims in the United States due to encounters with deer, per data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute.


Vehicles and their occupants are vulnerable to serious injury and extensive property damage in these types of accidents. The process of claiming damages following an accident with a wild animal on the road might be difficult. This is an unexpected crisis because striking a deer has no legal consequences. However, you may be eligible for compensation if you are hit by a car that is attempting to avoid hitting a deer. If you need assistance, call Hunt & Associates.

Can you tell me about the state of North Carolina's policies on vehicular accidents?

In order to successfully submit a personal injury claim in the event that you or a loved one were gravely hurt in a vehicle accident that was not your fault, it is essential that you have a basic understanding of North Carolina’s automobile accident laws.


Statute of limitations

In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for filing a claim for damages resulting from an automobile accident is three years from the date of the accident or the date on which the injury or damage occurred.


Wrongful death claims

If someone was killed in an auto accident, a wrongful death claim must be filed within two years.


Rule on contributory negligence

North Carolina follows the “contributory negligence rule,” which states that people cannot legally seek compensation if they are even partially responsible for an accident. Contributory negligence is the name given to this legal principle.


Minimums in liability car insurance

Those operating a motor vehicle in North Carolina are required to have at least $30,000 in bodily injury liability insurance and $60,000 in the event of an accident with multiple injuries. Vehicle owners in North Carolina must have at least $25,000 in property damage liability coverage.

As you can see, getting in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible following an accident is highly recommended. That way, your lawyer will have plenty of time to develop a winning strategy, find relevant evidence, and interview potential witnesses.

What services can you expect from a Charlotte car accident lawyer?

Hunt & Associates will work tirelessly to secure full compensation for your medical expenses, emotional distress, missed pay, and other losses. We stand out from the competition since we have a trained investigator on hand to help with this. Thanks to this, our legal team can gather all the evidence they need to present a compelling case on your side following a vehicle accident.

The result of a case involving a vehicle crash can be improved by providing details such as:

  • Proof of your injuries through medical tests and reports
  • Identifying and establishing the negligent party’s or driver’s culpability
  • Gathering any and all evidence that can be used to establish culpabilities, such as witness statements, pictures, and surveillance footage


The police report is a vital piece of evidence in the event of an automobile accident. You can only get this data from North Carolina’s Department of Motor Vehicles. We at Hunt & Associates have instant access to all accident reports. If you retain our services, we will retrieve your report from the DMV on your behalf, saving you time and trouble.


Yet again, every accident is different, and establishing fault in a lawsuit may be extremely challenging. You may rest easy knowing that our attorneys are doing all in their power to help you get the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled for your injuries, thanks to the assistance of our skilled legal team.


When our firm accepts a case, we investigate all possible avenues for financial recovery. Most of the time, the most logical course of action is to file a claim against the insurance provider of the careless motorist. Nonetheless, our Charlotte automobile accident attorneys are aware that other parties may also be at fault, so we look into them as well. We offer further aid with vehicle damage claims, automobile rental arrangements, and more.

Get in touch with our Charlotte car accident lawyers immediately

The lawyers at Hunt & Associates have a substantial history of success representing clients in auto accident cases in Charlotte and around North Carolina. Contact us to set up a free consultation if you or a loved one has been hurt in a vehicle accident.

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